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Cash Discount (Zero Fee Credit Card Processing).

We’ve been offering the Cash Discount / Surcharging program longer than most other companies. This program is guaranteed to save you 95-100% on your credit card processing fees.

Clover POS Point Of Sale
Micros POS Point Of Sale

Point Of Sale.

We have years of experience helping clients choose the best point of sale for their business. As an independent financial services firm, we can access many different products so you can get the right products and services for you. We take a lot into account when choosing the right POS such as business size, amount of staff, business layout, and future goals.

Credit Card Processing.

There is nobody that knows merchant services and credit card processing like we do. We offer exclusive interchange-plus pricing as well as flat-rate pricing. We offer free proposals that will show you exactly (to the penny!) how much money you will save using us as your payment processor. Go ahead and test us out, if you’re not 100% satisfied, please feel free to cancel. We are so confident that we can save you money we are willing to you pay you $100 if we can’t!

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