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A Pocket-Sized POS

Clover Go

Turn any smartphone or tablet into a portable point-of-sale system with the Go card reader and Clover Go App.

Equipment Value of $149.95

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a full pos in the palm of your hand

Clover Flex

Our handheld POS with built-in receipt printer + barcode scanner lets you take orders remotely and process on the go.

Equipment Value of $649.95

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A Power-Packed Workstation

Clover Station Solo

This easy-to-use POS keeps your whole team on the same page. Inventory management, track employee hours, and so much more.

Equipment Value of $1,849.95

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The Compact Powerhouse


The small-but-mighty Mini is a compact POS that doesn’t need a lot of counter space to take care of your business.


Equipment Value of $849.95

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The keep-it-simple Solution


This is for businesses who just need a way to take credit card payments. This easy-to-use terminal also accepts Apple Pay.

Equipment Value of $349.95

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The Ultimate Experience

Clover Station Duo

With a customer-facing-display perfect for high-volume counters, you’ll accept payments and make faster customer transactions. Customer rewards, inventory management, and so much more.

Equipment Value of $1,949.95

Get It Today For $0.00 Upfront!


How Much Is The Equipment?

For qualifying merchants, we’re offering up to 100% off on hardware and equipment. Reach out to us today to see if you can hog the deal and pay zero snouts!

We understand the need for speed. We can typically overnight most equipment to get you set up quicker than you can say “oink!” Your piggy gear will be at your sty in no time.

Don’t go hog wild with worry! If something breaks, our piggy promise has got you covered. Just squeal – we mean, reach out, and we’ll fix it right up. Your equipment is in safe hooves! 🐷🔧

Planning a pigsty relocation? No problemo! Just let us know, and we’ll ensure your equipment follows you to the new piggy paradise. Moving is stressful, but your tech setup shouldn’t be.

Tailor-made, just like a piggy in a stylish outfit! We offer customization options to suit your specific needs. Whether it’s a tech bowtie or a snazzy software tweak, your piggy tech setup will be uniquely yours.

Absolutely! We’ve got a team of tech-savvy piggy enthusiasts ready to help you set up your equipment wonderland. Whether you need a guiding hoof or just a friendly oink of assistance, we’re here to make your setup as smooth as a piglet’s slide in the mud.

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